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Science and Engineering Fair

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2020 OSSEF Award Winners

2020 OSSEF Division ll Category Results

  • Animal Science

    Third Place: Carter McGaha, Vici High School

    Second Place:  Macie Gremillion, Sallisaw MS

    First Place:  Kara Chandler, Grove MS

  • Chemistry

    Third Place:  Avery Wallace, Ringwood HS

    Second Place:  Jaycee Presley, Latta HS

    First Place:  Jase McAbee, Grove MS

  • Engineering

    Third Place:  Shelby McCaffery, Riverfield Country Day School

    Second Place:  Kate Boudreaux, Bartlesville HS

    First Place:  Hayden Faddis, Westville HS

  • Earth & Environmental Science, & Natural Resources

    Third Place:  Kabree Nixon, Grove MS

    Second Place:  Krissy Williams, Grove MS

    First Place:  Ethan Arant, Olivia Linder, Brock Fronczak, Oklahoma School of Innovation & Experiential Learning

  • Mathematics & Computer Science

    Third Place:  Katrina Wagner, Homeschool

    Second Place:  Luke Jamison, Sadler Arts Academy

    First Place:  Christopher Johnson, Grove MS

  • Medical & Health Science

    Third Place:  Catherine Sheffield, Bartlesville HS

    Second Place:  Zoe Thompson, Bartlesville HS

    First Place:  Elliot Geer, Grove MS

  • Microbiology & Biochemistry

    Third Place:  Reese Mankin, Homeschool

    Second Place:  Jenna O'Nevins, Grove MS

    First Place:  Savannah Senkel, Latta HS

  • Physics & Astronomy

    Third Place:  Abigail Thomason, Sallisaw MS

    Second Place:  Jace Sample, Grove MS

    First Place:  Rett Kerr, Treas Kerr, Homeschool

  • Plant Sciences

    Third Place:  Adalie Dills, Grove MS

    Second Place:  Kaybrie Sharp, Grove MS

    First Place:  Landon Synder, Grove MS

  • Social & Behavioral Science

    Third Place:  Danika Watson, Grove MS

    Second Place:  Isabella Cavaceci, Bartlesville HS

    First Place:  Kaylie Richardson, Woodall Public School


The Broadcom MASTERS

The Broadcom MASTERS is the nation’s premier science fair competition for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students, and ten students have the honor of continuing their science fair journey by applying to compete in the Broadcom MASTERS. Broadcom MASTERS finalists travel to Washington, DC to compete for more than $100,000 in prizes, including a top prize of $25,000 and scholarships for STEM summer camps.



Jase McAbee, Grove Middle School

Kara Chandler, Grove Middle School

Ethan Arant, Olivia Linder, Brock Fronczak, Oklahoma School of Innovation and Experiential Learning

Christopher Johnson, Grove Middle School

Elliot Geer, Grove Middle School

Savannah Senkel, Latta High School

Kaylie Richardson, Woodall Public School

Rett Kerr, Treas Kerr, Homeschool

Krissy Williams, Grove Middle School

Luke Jamison, Sadler Arts Academy


2020 OSSEF Division l Category Results

  • Animal Science

    Third Place:  Rylie Jantzen, Ringwood HS

    Second Place:  Luke Wilson, Cascia Hall

    First Place:  Keysha Kindle, Westville HS

  • Chemistry

    Third Place:  Gracie Munzenrider, Lucy Tyrrell, Muskogee HS

    Second Place:  Jackson Pool, Zachary Uhren, Jaxon Henderson, Cascia Hall

    First Place:  Youngseo Yoon, Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics

  • Engineering

    Third Place:  Anna Lee, Northwest Technology Center - Fairview

    Second Place:  Brendan Crotty, Homeschool

    First Place:  Caleb Cochran, Colton McCullough, Bryce Goodin, Bartlesville HS

  • Earth & Environmental Science, & Natural Resources

    Third Place:  Ian Wilson, Cascia Hall

    Second Place:  Morgan King, Bartlesville HS

    First Place:  Payton Carter, Cascia Hall

  • Mathematics & Computer Science

    Third Place:  Not Awarded

    Second Place:  Elizabeth Cooper, Cascia Hall

    First Place:  Michael Brockman, Bartlesville HS

  • Medical & Health Science

    Third Place:  Tie - Madison Heckelsberg, Elise Argo, Bartlesville HS

    Tie- Labrini Panagopoulos, Cascia Hall

    Second Place:  Ashlyn Milford, Cascia Hall

    First Place:  Angelina Mao, Norman North HS

  • Microbiology & Biochemistry

    Third Place:  Morgan Sanders, Bartlesville High School

    Second Place:  Ike Douffet, Quapaw HS

    First Place:  Sophie Pazzo & Caitlin Nguyn, Cascia Hall

  • Physics & Astronomy

    Third Place:  Evan Gunter, Bartlesville High School

    Second Place:  Daniela Ferguson, Bartlesville HS

    First Place:  Olivia Nalley, Cascia Hall

  • Plant Sciences

    Third Place:  Savannah Glerup, Emily Steele, Quapaw HS

    Second Place:  Brooklynn Flanary, Northwest Technology Center - Fairview

    First Place:  John Peters, Steven Stagg, Cascia Hall

  • Social & Behavioral Science

    Third Place:  Quinnlan Murray, Cascia Hall

    Second Place:  Taylor Haines, Aydan Dow, Northwest Technology Center - Fairview

    First Place: Gabrielle Gore, Muldrow HS


Students Advancing to ISEF from Regionals

Lincoln Estes - Ada Science Fair

Kate Boudreaux, Michael Brockman, Liam Wisner - Bartlesville Science Fair

Brendan Crotty - Muskogee Science Fair

Kalli Baumgardner, Carter McGaha - Northwest Oklahoma Science Fair

Peyton Carter, Jackson Pool, Zachary Uhren, Jaxon Henderson - Tulsa Science Fair


Students Advancing to ISEF from State

Caleb Cochran, Bryce Goodin, Colton McCullough - Bartlesville HS

Angelina Mao - Norman North HS

Keysha Kindle - Westville HS

Olivia Nalley, Cascia Hall


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