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Science and Engineering Fair

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2019 OSSEF Award Winners

2019 OSSEF Division ll Category Results

  • Animal Science

    Third Place:  Kellon Collington, Grove Middle School

    Second Place:  Caleb Perkins, Grove Middle School

    First Place:  Carter McGaha, VICI High School

  • Chemistry

    Third Place:  Hope Robertson, Bartlesville High School

    Second Place:  Elizabeth Ortega, Dove Science Academy

    First Place:  Abigail McCrary, Grove Middle School

  • Engineering

    Third Place:  Abby Grand, Latta Middle School

    Second Place:  Hayden Faddis, Westville Junior High

    First Place:  Mehdi Achour, Central Middle School

  • Environmental Science

    Third Place:  Kimmy Forrester, Grove Middle School

    Second Place:  Suchi Jain, Bartlesville High School

    First Place:  Lundyn Cox, Bishop John Carroll

  • Mathematics & Computer Science

    Third Place:  Joseph Nguyen, Bishop John Carroll

    Second Place:  Adele Drummond, Sallisaw Middle School

    First Place:  Cheyenne Douglas, Grove Middle School

  • Medical & Health Science

    Third Place:  Sam Campbell, Bartlesville High School

    Second Place:  Caleb Horne, Morrison High School

    First Place:  Ashlyn Milford, Cascia Hall

  • Microbiology & Biochemistry

    Third Place:  Bella Smith, Cascia Hall

    Second Place:  Kaitlyn Kraft & Baylee Gregg, Grove High School

    First Place:  Labrini Panagopoulos, Cascia Hall

  • Physics & Astronomy

    Third Place:  Lincoln Estes, Latta Middle School

    Second Place:  Evan Gunter, Bartlesville High School

    First Place:  Teyton Chandler, Grove Middle School

  • Plant Sciences

    Third Place:  Auburn King, Latta Middle School 

    Second Place:  Ragen Hodge, Bartlesville High School

    First Place:  Laci Goldner, Grove Middle School

  • Social & Behavioral Science

    Third Place:  Dru McGehee, VICI High School

    Second Place:  Claire Risley & Mikayla Fairchild, Cimarron Middle School

    First Place:  Liam Wisner, Bartlesville High School


The Broadcom MASTERS

The Broadcom MASTERS was the nation’s premier science fair competition for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students, and ten students had the honor of continuing their science fair journey by applying to compete in the Broadcom MASTERS. Broadcom MASTERS finalists traveled to Washington, DC to compete for more than $100,000 in prizes, including a top prize of $25,000 and scholarships for STEM summer camps.



Carter McGaha, VICI School

Abigail McCrary, Grove Middle School

Mehdi Achour, Central Middle School

Lundyn Cox, Bishop John Carroll

Cheyenne Douglas, Grove Middle School

Ashlyn Milford, Cascia Hall

Labrini Panagopoulos, Cascia Hall

Teyton Chandler, Grove Middle School

Laci Goldner, Grove Middle School

Liam Wisner, Bartlesville High School


2019 OSSEF Division l Category Results

  • Animal Science

    Third Place:  Shelby Lewis & Skyler Evans, Quapaw High School

    Second Place:  Quinnlan Murray, Cascia Hall

    First Place:  Luke Wilson, Cascia Hall

  • Chemistry

    Third Place:  Kirstin Parkhurst, Northwest Technology Center

    Second Place:  Wyatt Miller, Morrison High School

    First Place:  Jaxon Henderson, Cascia Hall

  • Engineering

    Third Place:  Andrew Chapuis, Roy Grant, & April Charboneau, Muskogee High School

    Second Place:  Colton McCullough & Bryce Goodin, Bartlesville High School

    First Place:  Brendan Crotty, Homeschool

  • Environmental Science

    Third Place:  Hannah Grenier, Riverfield Country Day School

    Second Place:  Maha Achour, Bartlesville High School

    First Place:  Braden Milford, Cascia Hall

  • Mathematics & Computer Science

    Third Place:  Jason Alfrey, Cascia Hall

    Second Place:  Jamie Templeton, Bartlesville High School

    First Place:  Michael Brockman, Bartlesville High School

  • Medical & Health Science

    Third Place:  Avery Clark & Audrey Ools, Northwest Technology Center

    Second Place:  Caroline Graves, Cascia Hall

    First Place:  Michael Hwang, Jenks High School

  • Microbiology & Biochemistry

    Third Place:  Audrie Rathman, Bartlesville High School

    Second Place:  Madelynn Shambles, Bartlesville High School

    First Place:  Sophie Pazzo & Caitlin Nguyn, Cascia Hall

  • Physics & Astronomy

    Third Place:  Artturi DeBlieck & Dylan Gore, Bartlesville High School

    Second Place:  William Wang, Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics

    First Place:  Olivia Nalley, Cascia Hall

  • Plant Sciences

    Third Place:  Joe-Z Jones, Northwest Technology Center

    Second Place:  Triton Chandler & Joel Garber, Grove High School

    First Place:  Kynsie Wallace, Northwest Technology Center

  • Social & Behavioral Science

    Third Place:  Brooke Taylor & Sara Wiley, Bartlesville High School

    Second Place:  Joseph Barbour, Cascia Hall

    First Place:  Emmeline Nesser, Bartlesville High School


ISEF Finalists

Jaxon Henderson, Cascia Hall

Michael Brockman, Bartlesville High School

Sophie Pazzo & Caitlin Nguyen, Cascia Hall

Olivia Nalley, Cascia Hall

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